Services and Products

Oily sludge treatment from ponds and tanks

EPIQ contracting uses hydro-mechanical system “SEPS” to treat oily sludge derived from oil field operations, refineries, oil and marine terminals. Sludge can be in tanks, clean-up pits, rig pits and lagoons, and can also include slops and oil spill, pipeline explosions and leak recovery.

The SEPS system is constructed by EPIQ under exclusive license from UK associates and is fast, flexible and effective.

High quality British and European components are used and the design is inherently safe and reliable.

Products - Oil, water and inorganic material can be recycled or easily disposed of within international norms.

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Oil Contaminated Soil Remediation

EPIQ contracting uses land-farming and bio-remediation processes to reduce oil and in particular toxic sub-contaminants in soil to internationally acceptable levels.

EPIQ will carry out initial impact assessment and provide cost effective solutions subject to time constraints and final targets.

Applications of land-farming and bio-remediation include oil spills, secondary treatment of recovered oily sediment, and drilling mud ponds which are too small to treat economically using capital intensive permanent systems.

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Oil contaminated water - control and recovery

EPIQ’s comprehensive practical understanding of oil-water contamination in real situations means that it is able to undertake any oil recovery operation and install systems to clean oil from water. This includes oil contamination in rivers, creeks and ponds as well as upgrading existing effluent control systems to international standards of emissions.

EPIQ with an associated company designed a complete major facility to control oil contamination in a spring source when flash floods flushed oil from underground caverns and sink holes. EPIQ’s network of long term technical suppliers coupled with own contracting experience also means that EPIQ can control and recover any pollution problem involving oil and water.

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Oil storage sludge removal, cleaning and inspection

EPIQ contracting uses “resuspension” method provided by UK associate to reduce sludge accumulations in oil storage tanks prior to man entry. The system can apply to tanks from below 20m up to more than 100m diameter, and is strong enough to deal with the most deep and hard accumulations.

EPIQ also carries out cleaning of storage tanks, and desludging and cleaning of underground vessels, channels, separators and equipment. As required, inspection is carried out using high quality British equipment.

And whenever a cleaning operation is considered, EPIQ proposes to install effective, reliable and economic equipment to minimize new settling of oil sludge inside a tank.

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Combustion treatment for oil boilers and furnaces

EPIQ contracting uses long established German technology to control emissions, corrosion and fouling in fuel oil boilers and furnaces. Additionally, direct combustion fuel savings for boilers exceed cost of treatment and capital investment is low, hence benefits are realized immediately. Efficiency improvements can also qualify for carbon credits.

The company supplying the technology was established more than 40 years ago and specializes in combustion treatment only, hence is world leader in the treatment of industrial boilers and furnaces.

EPIQ has established itself as a capable and professional contractor partner to apply this system on oil fired power stations, and furnaces such as in refineries and petrochemical plant.

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Local services and products

EPIQ provides support to international companies providing specialist services and products in local markets. Notably EPIQ represents Gilbarco Veeder Root in Lebanon, providing petrol station equipment including automation systems, leak detection, stock and vapor loss control.

Products include:

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